ShapeShifter ….. A Thriller By Carolyn Brocherie

ShapeShifter - A thriller By Carolyn Brocherie - Look InsidePsychic private investigator Penelope Acton-Adams is in India. Her mission: track down the elusive and mysterious hardline Hindu fundamentalist Dev, believed by Australian Federal Police to be plotting terrorist attacks against Australia’s Muslim community.

Working closely with colleague Federal Police Commander Vivek Singh, Penelope’s search for Dev takes her through the bazaars and tiger reserves of Rajasthan; the earthquake-ravaged state of Gujarat; the enclaves of New Delhi’s immensely wealthy elite; and Dubai’s acclaimed thoroughbred racing scene.

Distracted following a bitter argument with her thoroughbred-breeder husband, both furious and miserable, Pen wonders if she has somehow lost her psychic powers. Because Dev is nowhere to be found.

Until a Goddess, manifesting as a tiger spirit, is sent to help her in the hunt for Dev. But both Penelope and Vivek must first face many grueling physical and emotional challenges before they finally unmask the shape-shifting Dev, who will stop at nothing to fulfill a sinister, ancient prophecy.ShapeShifter - A Thriller By Carolyn Brocherie


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